Sheri Bush is highly recommended for an animal sitter by us. She is an avid animal lover and extremely dependable, and honest. The only problem is that your animals will end up loving her more than you!

Sincerely, Kathy Camin


August 23, 2006

Beloved Pet Owners:

We highly recommend Sheri Bush to anyone who needs a loving caretaker for their pets. She genuinely loves animals and our dogs seem to be able to sense that quality in her. One of our dogs was severely abused in his birth home and would not go near strangers, yet he took to Sheri right away. We felt great about leaving our dogs with Sheri, and knew they would be treated like royalty. They were so spoiled by the time we returned from our trip, they hesitated to come home with us. Although it is a three and half hour drive from where we live, we would not hesitate to drive the distance again to ensure the kind of love and care they will receive from Sheri Bush. We sincerely appreciate her professional service, and her passion for animals.

Tim and Lori Wroblewski


It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of reference for Sheri Bush. While in Mississippi, she was the pet sitter for my two doggly people. I knew that I could leave town and not worry about my girls in any way. Being able to stay in their own home where they have familiar surroundings is so wonderful. When they had to stay at the vets I always worried about them not getting enough attention and having to sleep in a cage. I am sure it was scary for them. Along came Sheri and all that changed. She came anytime I wanted and stayed a good while to give them lots of love and attention. They just loved her! (they told me so!) Sheri is a sweet and loving person who I trusted with my babies because I knew she would treat them like they were hers. She even baked homemade cookies for them, which, of course, thrilled them. She brought in my paper and mail too. This gave the added relief of knowing that my home did not look like no one was there. I give Sheri permission to release my email address if anyone would like to ask further questions. I highly recommend her for taking care of your beloved animal companion.

Lynda V. Speaks