My name is Sheri Bush, owner/operator of Pooch Smoocher Pet-Sitting. I'm from Nashville Tennessee and recently relocated due to a job transfer for my husband Dwight.

I have two kids, Nicole 14 and Ryan 11. Nicole is a freshman at Buchanan and is taking honors classes to become a veterinarian. Ryan is in 6th grade at Garfield where he's on the varsity football team. All of us are huge animal lovers and we just can't get enough of that oh so wonderful, unconditional, sweet doggy love.

I have two furry kids, Rosie, a 3 year old Toy Poodle and C.J. a 6 year old Lhasa Apso. They aren't our dogs, we are THEIR humans! They run the house and turn us into baby talking piles of goo. We would have a whole house full of them if we could. Because I can't have an entire house full of pets without becoming one of those crazy people you hear about on the news with 30 cats, I decided loving someone else's animals was the next best thing.

I've got 12 years management and customer service/collections experience with a Christian Music company where I still do some contract labor work from home. Because of this job, I have developed a strong since of professionalism, loyalty, honesty and a huge desire to go above and beyond in everything that I do. This includes taking care of your "children". Honestly, aren't they just like real babies to us?! As I type this, both of mine are laying next to me sleeping on MY pillow with their stuffed ducks!

My pledge to you is to provide you with more than you expected out of a pet-sitter. Provide your pet with all of the love that I have to give (which is endless). Treat your pet, your house and you with the highest level of respect. Provide consistent, high quality service, and always value your business and your privacy.

I'm looking forward to "Smooching your Pooch".